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Inventory Management

Over time, more and more items are procured and purchased by the school, adding to the inventory list. It will be impossible for the school to keep track of thefts, misplaced items, items sent out, and items sold without managing the inventory list properly and appropriately. The school invests heavily in inventory, and its management and maintenance is necessary by all standards and means, and this module is the most suitable solution. Staff members and teachers can submit online requests for items, and there is a provision for approval by the School administrations with user-definable levels, so they can customize it as they see fit.
In addition, the school has the option of user-defined purchase order formats. This module makes it easy to enter stock, create receipts, and verify receipts. Also included in this module is the ability to process invoices submitted by different vendors and the payment approval process, which simplifies and streamlines the work of the authorities.
Items and item kits issued to students, teachers, and departments can be recorded and managed, and the school can receive over 10 reports about issuances, returns, stock lists, and others instantly

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