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School Management

Admission Management

For schools, admissions and the associated processes are of utmost importance. Many times, managing different levels of data can become difficult. ERP software for school has made the admissions process unbelievably fast and easy.

Communication Management

It is imperative that schools and parents communicate more and that the parents are involved in the student's holistic development. Communication failures can easily lead to confusion, which can be easily avoided and prevented by this module.

Lesson Planning Management

ITo determine what has to be taught during the entire academic year is vital to the school's ability to work in an organised and systematic manner and assign sessions accordingly. Teachers and schools are able to manage the monumental task of lesson planning confidently and correctly with our module.

Staff Recruitment Management

Recruiting new employees is a difficult process, involving huge volumes of data at every stage that must be managed flawlessly and diligently. With the employee recruitment module, the school can make the entire process fast, smooth, and easy with ERP software for school.

Examination and Analysis

Examinations provide the best and most ideal opportunity to assess the performance of each student. Every student's progress may be determined by the school in different respects, so it is extremely important. The module is extremely user-friendly and highly compatible with CBSE, CISCE, IB, and IGCSE boards. Marks, grades, and remarks can be entered by school officials.

Fee Management

Discrepancies in fee collection and the management of this head create chaos. In the fee management module, the school receives information on the day's collections, dues receipts, and so on.

Homework Assignments

It is very important to prepare students for exams with assignments and homework, although nobody loves to do them. School administrators can create a variety of assignments, homework, and project works in this module.

Hostel Management Assignments

A room or bed could be allocated easily to the person in charge by using this module. Additionally, other important aspects such as meal management, complaints, daily inspections, and hostel attendance could be efficiently handled.

Inventory Management

Over time, more and more items are procured and purchased by the school, adding to the inventory list. It will be impossible for the school to keep track of thefts, misplaced items, items sent out, and items sold without managing the inventory list properly and appropriately.

Library Management

Teachers, students, and the school as a whole use the school library as a repository of knowledge. Every school's library must be properly managed, and this module makes a significant contribution to this effort.

Employee Information Management

It is very important to manage and maintain records related to teachers, administrators, and other school employees. In this module, the school can maintain detailed profiles of each employee, and it is possible to create fields as required.

Mobile SMS Management

The program offers this feature as one of its most useful functions. Keeping parents updated with the latest happenings at school and child information is easy with this robust feature. It allows parents to send important bulk SMS at once.

Payroll Management

The payroll process requires precision. Payroll can be processed precisely with these modules. It simplifies and speeds up the process. Payroll is generated while attendance is synchronized. It is also possible to use this module for ESI and PF deduction calculations.

Employee Attendance Management

Maintaining staff attendance is made easier with this module. The cloud is used from Punch-In to Punch-Out time to store all the information that is required to track employee attendance, so the information can be easily accessed.

Student Achievements Management

Using the smart Student Achievements module, all school activities and an image gallery can now be tracked efficiently. By using a smart filter, it is possible to access information by group, section, class, etc. Also, the school can easily create achievement certificates with this module.

Student Attendance Management

Attendance management is a complex and important administrative process in schools. A student attendance system allows the school to keep track of student attendance as soon as they step on school premises.

Student Information Management

It is not an easy task to keep track of all the students' data and it requires a lot of paperwork. The problem is also that accessing student information whenever needed can be very time consuming.

Student Image Gallery Management

Modules such as this one enable schools to display images of students, class-wise, group-wise, and section-wise, as well as a title and description of the event.

Transport Management

School transportation is regarded as an essential part of the school campus, and managing it is a challenge for the school with the growing number of untoward incidents. A transport dashboard is included with a vacancy-occupation graphical representation of the routes

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