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Yes. All information stored and updated on a school ERP software is completely secured. The school can authorize a selected number of people to have access to sensitive data.

Yes. Accevate provides you 20 days trial demo in your premises with all modules.

School need to provide data in the excel format and Accevate uploads the data and verify.

Keeping the school data safe and secure is first priority of Accevate Technologies. We offer full privacy to school data as per industry standard. The data remain fully encrypted when it has stored in our system.

ERP automates most important systems and processes like attendance management, timetable, fee collection, parent-teacher communication and also possible to automate “almost all” the school processes and operations using customization process.

Yes. There is unlimited customization available.

An ERP helps teacher to go paperless and makes their work easy by providing them an online platform to update attendance, marks, automatic report card generation etc

Reduces administrative hassle:-Be it student admission or generating reports, everything can be turned into a digitized process that saves manual work and reduces errors. Time-consuming tasks like marking the attendance, creating timetables, generating pay slips, sending emails or messages to parents can be automated with this system. Even reports that help teacher's and school staff can be generated with a click that saves precious time in the process.
  • Saves time and money:-Everything from stationary to storage space can be saved by making use of the ERP system effectively. There is also a reduction in the cost of communication as you no longer have to call and send messages to the parents to let them know about the various upcoming events in the school; the ERP does that. Add to this the various automation features and every stakeholder ends up saving a lot of time.
  • Data security:-With role-based access in ERP, the data remains secure. You can choose to share and hide certain data with different stakeholders and as everything is online, there’s no fear of losing out on important data and records.